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page 1
Yay for water!  Water is fun!  But only if I’m safe.



page 2
Look, water!  How fun!  But wait, only with grown ups around  Mommy’s here. Daddy’s here.  They say it’s okay to have fun.



page 3
Safe in Mommy’s gaze.  She sees me!  Safe with Daddy’ hand.  He will look after me.



page 4
Safe in Daddy’s arms.  He won’t let me go.
Fun, fun, this is so much fun!



page 5
Look, water!  I like to play in water.
But wait… no grown ups around.
Is it safe for e to have fun?



page 6



page 7
Oh No!  I can’t breathe!  No fun, no fun, this is not fun at all!



page 8
Look, a toy!  Toys are fun.  I like to play with toys.  Can I reach?
What do you think?



page 9



page 10
Oh No!  Tommy fell in!
The water is too deep and now he can’t breath!

No fun, no fun.  This is not fun at all!



page 11
Look, a river!  Becca wants to see.
But she better be careful. 
Rivers can be very dangerous.



page 12
Becca forgot to wait for Mommy.  Not good!
Don’t get too close, Becca.
There is lots of water and it’s moving fast!



page 13
Oh No!  Becca got too close and fell in.  No fun, not fun!
This is not fun at all!



page 14
Look, water!  I want to play.   It’s not ver much.
But be careful Jessie, you might loose your balance.



page 15
Whoopsie, Jessie tipped over and fell in, and now she’s stuck.
She can’t get back out! 
No fun, no fun, this is not fun at all!



page 16
Even though Jessy is strong, her muscles aren’t yet strong enough to lift herself out when she’s stuck upside down.
It’s a good thing Mommy was watching.
She comes to Jessy’s rescue.  



page 17
At the pool, going swimming. Fun!  I can’t wait to jump in.
But Tommy, you need to wait.

You don’t know how deep that water is.
It could be over your head!



page 18
Oh-oh, the water was too deep.
No fun, no fun, this is not fun at all!



page 19
Lucky for Tommy a lifeguard was watching.
She comes to his rescue, otherwise he’s be a goner.



page 19
Mommy & Daddy & teachers & grown-ups all want you have lots of fun with water.
But they also want you to be safe.
So be smart and remember these lessons.

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