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An investigation into potential bacterial contamination has shut down a plant that makes baby formula. This, combined with other supply chain problems, has led to a shortage of infant formula. As many as 40% of stores are completely out of stock, which has left parents scrambling. What should you do?

  • DO NOT water down infant formula. This is something others have done when trying to make formula stretch, but it can result in a type of water int_xication that’s h_zardous to babies.

  • Don’t try to make your own formula. Both breast milk and formula is precisely calibrated with the right balance of nutrients, and getting this wrong could spell trouble for your baby. Resort to cow’s milk if you have to, but don’t try to create your own formula.

While I understand that not all mothers are in a position to breastfeed, the best response to this shortage would be for more parents to avoid using formula altogether. Breast milk doesn’t cost a thing, and it’s far healthier for your baby. The baby food industry didn’t exist 75 years ago, and most babies daid just fine. We should be working to get the majority of babies off infant formula, and even a small movement in this direction might eliminate whatever formula shortages we’re currently facing.